Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Reviews!

I'm going to add a new feature to the blog. It's something nobody's ever done in the blogosphere before! Product Reviews!

Well, okay, maybe one or two people have done it but here's my take.

Many products on the market (not just related to cycling) are geared towards the "average" person. I don't know about you but I haven't fit some of these "average" measurements since I was in the 5th grade. Even when I wasn't as overweight as I currently am I was always "big boned". Not big boned as a euphemism for fat. Seriously big boned. In high school I was shopping at the big & tall stores for b&t athletic cut clothing. If I remember correctly I had 52" shoulders and a 38 inch waist (close to that anyway). Now I still shop at the big & tall but we'll just say the shoulders and the waist don't require that much of a taper.

My point is this - whether or not you're naturally big, you got big through the joy of beer and fried food, or some combo there is a bunch of stuff in the marketplace that just doesn't fit.

So I'll be taking a look at products I've bought, borrowed, or some kind vendor gave to me to test (HINT). To start off I'll be using products I've purchased with my own hard earned $$ since that's all I have at the moment (vendors: HINT AGAIN).

My goal in this is to provide some real world insight for other big mt. bikers. I'll only be reviewing stuff that I've used and I'll go over pros & cons. Most all of it will be related to mt. biking but there could be some stuff from other hobbies and everyday use jumping in.

Expect to see reviews on some (or all) of the following:

  • Camelbak HAWG
  • Aerotech Designs clothing
  • Merrell Shoes
  • Ergon Grips
  • WTB Seat
  • Redline d440
  • Park MTB-3 Rescue Tool
  • And other stuff I found to be good (or not so good) for your average clydeosaur
So stay tuned. The first reviews will be appearing soon.



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