Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation can really throw off the schedule

Back from vacation over a week and still working on getting back into a routine.

Before vacation I was getting a nice little routine going and riding frequently. Since vacation not so much. I rode a little bit on vacation but not much. I did get some good fishing and kayaking in. Managed to land a nice redfish from my kayak. That was nice.

Since being back I've had a lot of catch up at work, we're reorganizing stuff at home, and I've been making sure to spend lots of time with my wife & kids. Being on vacation reminded me how great it is to have highly focused time with them. So trying to manage work and not get wrapped up in that.

But my bike routine has suffered. And along with it our eating habits have slid to convenient rather than healthy. So today I'm "back on the wagon" and focusing on sensible meals that don't come from a fast food/pizza place. Started off the day with peanut butter on whole wheat toatst, a yogurt, and a granola bar spread throughout the morning. Lunch was turkey on whole wheat with carrots. Hoping to maintain through dinner. :) Planning on hitting a bike ride (pavement in the neighborhood) after work. If all goes well I'll follow up with a mt bike ride before work tomorrow.

I did install a new seat so that knocked me out of commission for a few days. Okay, so it was really maybe 5 minutes of install time but it's they psychological impact of adjusting it. :)

Speaking of new seats I picked up a WTB Speed V Sport from ebay. I've only done a couple of short rides with it (to be honest all of my rides are short rides right now) but it feels pretty nice. I was getting used to the stock Redline saddle but felt that a little more padding would be in order. Not too much though. The WTB saddle seems to be right in there. Need to get it into the dirt and see how it does there.

So now with new saddle, new stem, and new grips I'm really starting to feel at home on my d440. I'm finding that as I ride more I'm adjusting more as I get my body used to that exercise thing.

And there you have it. Time to stop being lazy and get out and ride! I need to remember I live in Paradise and EVERY day is like being on vacation. Yeah...that's it. :)

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