Wednesday, October 21, 2015

And so it begins...

Well I'm getting back into the swing of things. By that I mean more gear is coming in today.

I need to revitalize myself and get outside more. Three kids, lots of travel, and some physical issues have led to me being to sedentary. My number of X's in clothing size have increased by one. Time to get active and lose some X's.

So I'm buying stuff to play with. Hey, it works.

As mentioned previously I've always been a bag junkie. And I love gear & gadgets. In the past few years some of my bags have worn out. I've been using free bags from various conferences I attend (and I attend a fair amount of them). Some of them are surprisingly clydeosaur friendly. Others... not so much. I need better organization and long term quality bags. So I ordered some from Amazon.

Amazon you say? What about supporting the local stores? Well I still like to do that. But the reality is that most brick & mortar shops don't carry clydeosaur-friendly stuff. It's tough being a big guy in a small word. Amazon helps bridge that gap. Plus we love Prime and I don't have to deal with crowds. So bonus.

Incoming this week:

Camelbak HAWG Military Spec (2013 version) - yes, another Camelbak! I still have my bike version. This version is bigger and more of a daypack.

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 - Yup, I've gone for "tacticool" for my EDC (everyday carry). I have no illusions about being an "operator". I just like quality gear with good organization. And the tactical bags have that.

5.11 Tactical All Hazards Nitro - This could be my new laptop bag. I currently have an Everki Titan, which is great, but it's big, I'd like different organization, and I've never been happy with how it handles water bottles. So I'm trying this one out.

A bunch of other small bags, organizers, and gadgets.

As these come in I'll try them out and post some reviews. I'll even take pics! The reviews will be from my perspective as a big guy who carries a bunch of stuff. Initial reviews will be just that - initial. The stuff I keep I'll post follow ups and updates on how it's performing.

So stay tuned! Stuff will be here soon!

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