Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Quick Update on the bags...

Well I tried the 3 bags that came in (5.11 All Hazards Nitro, 5.11 Rush 24, Camelbak HAWG mil spec). Unfortunately 2 of the 3 didn't work me.

I really, really, really was hoping the 5.11 bags would cut it but they didn't. They have some of the best organization I've seen in a bag. And I really liked the concept of the Nitro especially. But both bags were really tight on my shoulders, they rubbed uncomfortably and the adjustment straps didn't move well. It's possible they needed a break-in period. But I doubt that would have solved the discomfort in my shoulders.

The Camelbak however... that fit very well and was comfortable from the get go. I used it on a light hike with the kids and I've been carrying it to work. I love it. It has some extra room, not as much as my everki, but enough to be comfortable. It is on the small side, which I wanted, so it will take some getting used to with my loadout. As it stands now I have it pretty full with edc modular bags, my surface 3 w/ UAG armor case, my ipad, and some paperwork. I can get more in it but it's getting close to the limit.

Result - It's still comfortable. I can use it as an edc bag for work and activities. I'm still going to look at some work-specific bags though. I'd prefer a different way of carrying my devices and having quick access to them. But I can take some time for that. I do have a couple of Osprey bags coming in to try out. I've heard good things about them with regards to clydeosaur compatibility.

So very happy with the Camelbak. It's definitely my go to bag for general use, hiking, theme parks, cub scouts, and such. I'll also use it for my work edc which will add in my electronic modular bag, my surface modular bag, and my tablets.

I'll be updating soon with a more detailed post going over the stuff I'm carrying. Also I'll post some reviews on the bags (received as well as incoming).

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